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Off i go!

This post is a bit personal, and may be a bit boring...but its the single biggest challenge i am facing to date.

Some of you may have seen me mention that i have been unwell recently...well actually i just recently had my 50th operation since i was 17. At the moment, i am having operations under general anesthetic every week, while trying to juggle my second year.

Well i have started to think i ought to cut myself a bit of slack. I don't know of many people who would try and keep working while having an operation every 7 days, and i can see why...its really not possible.

My university has been awesome. I am really proud of what i have achieved this year, i am currently on course for a 1st. Without the help from the uni, it wouldn't have been possible. They often say to me "if there is anything else we can do to help, just let us know". But nothing is a substitute for actually doing the work, and a combination of pain killers, general anesthetics and pain have made be think about how i am going to finish this degree.

I have already found out that i can interupt the degree, which means i stop doing my second year now and start it again in September. This gives me a chance to get better...and i can carry across my good grades from this year which is great news.

Alternatives are 'slowing down' the degree. This means doing two modules of my second year next year, and the remaining two the year after. I would prefer to drop two modules this year, to cut down on my workload while i get better, and then next year i can do the remaining second year modules.


All these options come with an element of risk. I have an obsessive personality, and tend to jump from one thing to the next. This is how, at 25, i am a lifeguard, lifeguard trainer/assessor, qualified health and safety adviser and police officer. I love doing this degree, and i don't want to give myself any room to be distracted, and skitter off to another interest.

Another risk is that i don't get better for next year. I have no plans to go into a purely legal profession, but i would still like my degree to be qualifying in case i change my mind. A qualifying law degree cannot last more than 4 years...the presumption being that after 4 years, the content from your first year may be out of date.

My next step is getting my next operation out of the way, this will be in a few hours. Once that is done, i can focus on making a decision. In an ideal world i would like to cut out EU law and one other module from this year. Do the remaining courseworks and exams for this year, and next year do the remaining two modules.

This blog is a great way of me taking a step back and looking at my successes, my challange's, and coming up with solutions. When i look at the stuff i have written, i can see that i am coping pretty well, and am proud of that.