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Brown Alert

We have had a beige alert, but now its time for a Brown Alert, and it gives me the opportunity to put my graphic design skills on show for the first time :-D

We are approching April 1st, and in parliamentary circles this means only one thing, the annual hour long speech by the Cutmaster-general. This will take place after Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday this week. Once the speech has been droned out, there will be parliamentary debate that seems to go on for weeks. The big question this year is, will Gordon show his saggy face for these debates?

He has only done one speech in the house since stepping down as PM, and i think has only been to the house twice, for morning prayers. This is a pitiful attendance record.

I want Gordon to suck it up and get back into the house. He has skills, experience and knowledge that would be useful to a budget debate, regardless of his history. But from knowing the man, in so far as i can know him, i don't think he will have the courage to do it.

I am certain that he could have redeveloped his image after leaving office if he had 'accepted' his weaknesses, and thrown himself into opposition with some enthusiasm. He didn't...he has been sulking. But every journey starts with the first step, so its not too late. I would tell Gordon to go to the debates, and participate, regardless of how painful it might be. The alternative is to fade into history as the man who ruined Britain, a legacy that he probably doesn't deserve.