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Beige Alert...Friday

Over the past couple of days i have been noting down lots of things i want to blight blog-land with. Example; what is Muscular Liberalism? and When is a no fly zone, not a no fly zone?

But these serious topics can stand aside! I have found a much worse example of the failures of the human race. Currently occupying the most read spot of the BBC news website is the creative car crash that is the song that shall remain nameless. This level of fame comes from the extraordinary label of "Worst song ever".

At the time of writing this, it has apparently had 29 million views. This is just shy of the entire population of Iraq.

In the past week, the BBC news website has gone from one incompetent extreme to another. They seem incapable of juggling two serious news stories. One day the front page has been dominated by Libya, the next Japan...and now today this moronically addictive song, sung by an auto-tuned daddy's girl, written by a committee of whooping cough victims, occupies the top spot.

*catches breath* That last paragraph has tired me out, but needless to say it irritates me when a website that ought to be focusing on the more serious issues of the day allows this utter crapola to occupy the top spot.

Having said that, i like to laugh at those with a less fortunate singing voice than me as much as the next mildly anonymous blogger, but i do wish the BBC would exercise some editorial control.

I will leave you with the image of everyone in Iraq taking a break from rebuilding to watch this song on YouTube...and an apology for allowing it to interfere on the periphery of your life.

Extra Extra...Quick Quiz;

1. What has Rebecca GOT TO HAVE for breakfast? other than a kick in the face
2. Which seat can you take? Explain and analyst the significant socio-political issues.
3. Which seat did she take, and was she the victim of shotgun rules?
4. Apart from a glorious death that occurs as a result of listening to this song, what is everyone looking forward to? Apart from your first ever business breakfast
5. Fun fun fun? Yes you guessed it, fun. Other things of equal fun value; minor surgery and standing on a plug
6. Surely there is more leg room to kick in the back seat, and therefore to merely sit in the front?
7. What day was it yesterday?
8. What day is it today?
9. What comes afthr-werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrds?
10. Generic bling-clad black dude in what appears to be a mid performance BMW or Merc? Don't answer, it's a rhetorical fact its not even a question Kan't 1 - 0 Reader

If you have been effected by any of the issues raised in this song, there is a complicated and expensive process by which you can arrange a fatwa upon Ms Black.