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and lastly...options week

The big day has arrived, and it seems only yesterday that i had my first day at uni. I have one option, and about 15 different modules to choose from. However, i have narrowed it down to two choices; Medical Law and a project module.

Medical Law is pretty obvious, its structured in the standard way with coursework and exams. The project is a 15000 word essay on a legal subject of my choice.

I am leaning towards the project, as i have been longing to spend some time researching a topic regarding police. I am currently thinking about doing it on police use of force and human rights. The reason for this is that its the most important skill to grasp as a police officer. Almost every other situation in the police can be done with the support of another officer while you are learning, but when it comes to use of force you are on your own. Its essential that every officer knows what law governs use of force, and how to dynamically risk assess its use when someone is threatening your safety, or even your life.

Mistakes so often happen. They can range from minor things like putting handcuffs on someone when it may be hard to justify, to someone dying as a result of use of force. So i have been fascinated with the subject, but im not convinced its a substantial enough topic to fill 15000 words.

Due to my many visits in hospital, i have a big interest in medical would be a more traditional structure than the project, and would probably be simpler in the long run.

So i am musing over this choice this evening, but i am fairly sure i will settle on the project...i will keep you updated!