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50 things to do before you die...Kant Style

This took me AGES, but here it is...its my list of 50 things to do before you die. I lost the will to live at about 30. You will probably notice the quality decreasing. Also, by way of warning, some of these are stupid...some might be offensive...some might be sweary...most of them won't make sense :p

Let me know which you have done :D

1. Perform a citizens arrest on your best mate
2. Run into a big window...and pretend it didn't happen
3. Tell your boss to fuck off
4. Do a bit of car insurance fraud
5. Kick a dolphin
6. Lunge wildly at the pope (thank you Bill)
7. Get drunk and sick on every continent
8. Live in the North for a month
9. Learn 10 swear words in a different language
10. Don't go to Peru
11. Walk down a catwalk with a ball hanging out
12. Go to the North or South pole and watch the ice caps melt for 25 minutes
13. Catch a tropical disease
14. Naked skydive
15. Naked bungee jump
16. Walk naked through a cactus patch
17. Offend a celebrity
18. Push over a cow in the night
19. Drunken walk through a field in the middle of the night
20. Read a book backwards
21. Pretend to be invisible and take a trip to the female changing rooms
22. Crap yourself as an adult
23. Drink absynthe
24. Poke a dead body with a stick
25. Fall asleep during sex
26. Wear women's clothes
27. Use an ejector seat
28. Have a general anesthetic
29. Go to a foam party and not get sexually assaulted
30. Go to a foam party and get sexually assaulted
31. Throw a grenade into a pond
32. Get married...dressed as a Star Trek character
33. Two chicks...preferably twins
34. Stand awkwardly in Anne Summers
35. Give birth, dressed as a Wookie
36. Eat a banana suggestivly
37. Walk too close behind someone you dont know (can you tell i am running out of ideas yet)
38. Attempt to shave with burned toast
39. Cook an egg on an aluminum MacBook
40. Use the same chopping board for raw meat and vegitables
41. Draw boobs on an important legal document
42. Prank call Buckingham Palace
43. Become infatuated with someone way out of your league, convince yourself they like you, then get BURNED
44. Carefully position yourself as 'the one who touches everyone's boobs and no one minds'
45. Face v Cake
46. Ask a Police Officer if you can wee in their helmet
47. Get arrested for weeing in a Police Officers helmet
48. Spread a rumor about one of your friends catching a Sexually Transmitted Disease
49. Leak something to Wikileaks
50. Leak something outside Wikileaks