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LibDem Syndrome

When i was about 6/7 years old, someone gave me the cassettes of War of the Worlds audiobook. A combination of the terrifying soundtrack and creepy narrator, i couldn't sleep for a week. For some reason, i decided to fight fire with fire and was searching for another cassette to keep me company while i lay awake...and for some reason i settled for a Lisa Stansfield single. I consider her music now more terrifying than War of the Worlds :D

Anyway, since then i have been unable to sleep without some noise on in the background. I tend to switch between Radio 4, Radio 7, and a multitude of audiobooks i have accumulated over the years on iTunes. I might put together a list of my favorites some time in the week, if your very lucky ;-)

I have an account with, and they give me one free audio book a month for £3.99. This has saved me a load of money, as i was spending about £20 a month. My new credit was added today, and i decided to get my moneys worth by buying The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Its meant to cost just shy of £40.

I don't have a particular interest in the history of Nazi Germany, however during the last election i found the comparisons between the present day British National Party (BNP), the the origins of the Nazi party pretty fascinating.

So i guess i am listening to this audio book in the hope that i might get to the bottom of fascism, and save the world from dictators...i seem to have LibDem syndrome!