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Lawcast Top 5

I have been looking for the greatest legal podcasts out there on the net, and have generally come up empty handed. Most of the podcasts are boring, irrelevant, aimed at the US or way too complicated. However, i have put together a list of my favorite 5 podcasts that i regularly listen to, and i would be interested to hear your feedback!


5. BBC Everyday Ethics - This got number 5, because, although its fascinating, its not really law. However, it gets you thinking beyond the law in fact, and introduces some aspects of legal ethics. I love it.

4. Law Express Podcast - A wide range of podcasts on the sorts of topics delivered during a degree course...aimed mostly at students.

3. Charon QC Podcast (and blog) - I think this is the writers first podcast, so this is one to watch. Its an hour long, so its longer than most!

2. BBC Law in Action - Has to be the ultimate authority on law pod casts. It is narrated by a very well respected legal correspondent, who gets to the heart of difficult legal matters without confusing the listener with jargon. There is a wide range of interviews from all variety of legal professional, on the topics of the week. This is the starting point for any legal podcaster.

1. Ricky Gervais Guide to Law and Order - If you haven't listened to any of the Ricky Gervais pod casts, your missing out. In this podcast Ricky, Stephen Merchant, and the buffoon that is Karl Pilkington, sort of talk about law and order...but to be honest i cant remember what they talk about, but it is the funniest podcast i have ever listened to. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!