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Essay Writing Tips

I am just writing an essay, and thought i would take a break to share with you my method.

Step 1: Break down question into bullet points. Identify the areas that need covering.
Step 2: Plan your core reading by looking at the areas that need to be dealt with. Once planned, spend a reasonable amount of time on the actual reading. Keep track of everything you read for your bibliography.
Step 3: Outline your basic argument, either in the form of short paragraphs, or a spider diagram
Step 4: Start wider reading. By this point, you should have a strong foundation to build on. Add to your basic argument with more advanced arguments found from wider reading. Keep track of everything you read for your bibliography.
Step 5: Add meat on the bones. By this point you should have several pages including your basic argument, that has been build on with advanced arguments. You now need to convert that from a more bullet pointed format, into an essay format.
Step 6: You have done the hard work, now you need to sculpt your creation into the masterpiece your capable of. This is the fun bit, as you know the hard work is out of the way, and now you are adding finishing touches, rewording, and tidying up.

To summarise; Break Down, Core Reading, Basic Argument, Wider Reading, Advanced Arguments, Meat on the Bones, Sculpt your creation.

As always, additional tips and feedback welcome, i will willingly make adjustments and add to the above :)

!Added to the Academic Almanac!