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The attack of the fourty percenters

I am sitting in the library, sneakily eating a sandwich and lucosade...I am meant to be preparing for my Human Rights tutorial on Tuesday, but couldn't resist doing a quick blog entry.

I am in my second year. My first year was blighted with periods of sickness which meant i missed quite a bit of time. Luckily, thanks to loads of help from my tutors, lots of studying, and 2 or 3 deferrals, i managed to pass the year.

I vowed to make this year better. I came up with contingency plans for a whole variety of situations that might interrupt my study. Things were going great. I got 78% and 74% on my first two essays, so was pretty optimistic. Frustratingly, i have to go into hospital next week for an operation, which is likely to see me losing two weeks of study.

As a mature student, i have taken time out of my career to come to study full time. So i am not satisfied with settling for just a pass, i hope to get a 2:1 or a first. Nor am i too pleased about the prospect of having to postpone the year. So i went to see my head of school, who organised me some extra funding so i could have all the lectures recorded on a Dictaphone, and emailed to me.

Its easy to fall into the trap of using distractions like this as an excuse to aim for the minimum...i will let you know if i manage to avoid it!

On a different note, despite my concerns about getting a good degree, i would regret it forever if i didn't make the most of the fact i'm a student again. So i shall be out on the lash on Friday night, celebrating the fact that i got all my work done :D